‘IT 2’ Director Andy Muschietti Wants to Shoot New Scenes for ‘IT’ Supercut

     September 11, 2019

It: Chapter Two may be thriving in theaters, but according to the director of both It films, he’s not exactly done shooting. Ever since the notion of a two-movie adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror epic It arose, fans have wondered if a longer, It supercut might be put together that combines footage from both movies into one epic story. Director Andy Muschietti, who helmed both It movies, has gone public recently with his desire to craft a supercut of both films, but he’s now revealed that for the eventual supercut there are two additional scenes he wants to shoot.

Speaking with ET, Muschietti confirmed he and New Line Cinema are having conversations about crafting an It supercut and revealed that he wants to shoot new footage to edit into the epic version of the adaptation:

“The studio probably doesn’t know this…” he laughed. “No, we’re in talks with the studio to make a supercut, which is basically the two movies edited together with all the material that is not in the released versions. And yeah, there are a couple of scenes that I want to shoot to make this a new experience.”


Image via Warner Bros.

Muschietti stayed mum on exactly what those two scenes are, but did confirm one is from the book:

”One thing is from the novel and the other thing is not. I want to be a little cryptic about it.”

Depending on which actors are involved in these scenes, that might be tricky. The younger It actors are aging so rapidly that they had to digitally de-age some of them for It 2, and re-assembling the A-list adult ensemble of the sequel may prove difficult. Then again, it’s possible an option for additional scenes/films is in the contracts of those actors, or maybe the two new scenes are Pennywise-centric, in which case Muschietti would only need Bill Skarsgard.

The idea to split an It movie into two separate films—one focused on the characters as kids, and one focused on the characters as adults—originated with Cary Fukunaga, who was originally in line to direct the first It. Fukunaga still has a screenplay credit on the first film, but Chapter Two was crafted whole-cloth by screenwriter Gary Dauberman and Muschietti, with a writing assist by Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs.


Image via Warner Bros.

The It franchise has been so massively popular that it’d honestly be shocking at this point if New Line and Warner Bros. didn’t create a new, supercut version of both movies—especially considering the frustrating bare bones release of the first It on Blu-ray. I’ll be curious to see if the supercut gets a theatrical release. The combined runtimes of both films runs just over five hours, although one imagines Muschietti would probably re-edit both movies a bit to make them flow seamlessly as one epic piece.

Regardless, I’m very interested in the idea of an It supercut, and if Muschetti adds new footage never-before-seen, all the better. Expect him to continue honing that edit before he moves into pre-production on The Flash next year.

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