New Clip for Marvel One-Shot ITEM 47 Starring Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford

     July 15, 2012


Marvel has release a new clip for their One-Shot short Item 47Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford star as a hard-luck couple who get their hands on an alien gun that falls from the sky after the events of The Avengers.  In the clip, Bradford wants to back out of whatever plans they have for the extraterrestrial tech before Caplan launches into a passionate explanation of why they must go through it.  The punchline with Caplan’s pink hat is pretty cute.

Item 47 will be on The Avengers Blu-ray/DVD when it drops on September 25.  Make sure to check out recap of the Comic-Con panel/screening and hit the jump to watch the clip.

Via Bleeding Cool:

item 47 lizzy caplan

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