Glenn Howerton Will Return as Dennis for “The Majority” of ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Season 13

     August 3, 2018


Get ready for more epic meltdowns, self-righteous speechifying, and serial killer speculation, because Dennis Reynolds is sticking around the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang after all. The end of last season saw the typically self-serving character head off on his own to accept some responsibility for his actions for a change, leaving fans to wonder if Dennis would be back for the upcoming 13th season. Then Glenn Howerton landed AP Bio and, even though he confirmed he had room in his schedule for both shows, folks really started to worry.

The team has stayed pretty cagey throughout the writing and filming process, and the season synopsis teased a new Dennis-less reality, but it sounds like everyone can breathe a sigh of relief after all because Dennis isn’t just coming back, he’s gonna be around a lot.


Image via FXX

“He’s in pretty much every episode,” Sunny star and creator Rob McElhenney revealed to reporters during the FX presentation at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “He’s in the majority of them,” added co-star/writer Charlie Day. McElhenny explained that they “talked about all sorts of different ideas before we knew that Glenn was actually coming back,” and as Day detailed, they came up with some pretty fun ways to get around Howerton’s reduced role.

One example? An “all-female reboot” of one the series’ funniest episodes, Season 10’s “The Gang Beats Boggs,” which will follow Dee, The Waitress, Artemis, Mac’s mom and Charlie’s mom on a flight to the Los Angeles Women’s March, during which they try to beat Wade Boggs’ legendary drinking record.

But the show won’t be shirking from Dennis’ decision either, and kicks off with a premiere that introduces “Cindy, the new, ethnically diverse female member of the gang who can successfully pull off scams,” while Mac tries to cope with Dennis’ departure by clinging to “a life-like sex doll that looks exactly like Dennis.” So, on brand.