R.L. Stine’s IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL…FOREVER! Optioned for a Feature Film

     April 28, 2011


It’s been a good year for Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine. Screenwriter Carl Ellsworth has a deal with Columbia Pictures to produce a live-action movie franchise based on the kids’ horror series and Dana Stevens is writing a thriller based on Stine’s The Sitter. Now, according to THR, it looks like another one of Stine’s books is getting a treatment for the big screen. It’s the First Day of School…Forever! has been optioned by Gotham Group, although the book won’t be available until early July. Gotham Group, who also has the YA fantasy adaptation The Maze Runner in development, is in search of a writer before taking the project to a studio.

For more info on R. L. Stine’s latest book-turned-movie, hit the jump.

first-day-of-school-forever-book-cover-01For those of you who are unfamiliar with R. L. Stine, he has been called “the Stephen King of children’s horror” and his Goosebumps series is the second highest selling of all time (behind Harry Potter). His Goosebumps stories have also been developed into a TV series.

As for It’s the First Day of School…Forever!, it has been described as Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Groundhog Day. In other words, a socially awkward 12-year-old must relive the first day of school over and over until, presumably, he solves some mystery that lets him restore time to normalcy. If my memory serves me correctly, every day in high school felt pretty much like the rest. Check out the product description for the book below:

On the first day of school, Artie falls out of his bed and hits his head. Hard. He tells his mom he’s dizzy and she says:

“You’re just worried about your first day in a new school.”

At breakfast, his little brother, Eddie, splashes syrup in his hair, and there’s no time to wash it. Artie has to go to school with syrup-hair. And then, on the way there, he gets splashed by a puddle that makes him look like he wet his pants. It’s not just the first day of school; it’s the worst day of school.

On the second day of school, Artie falls out of bed and hits his head. Hard. He tells his mom he’s dizzy and she says:

“You’re just worried about your first day in a new school.”

Huh? Today is just like the day before. Can Artie find a way to change it, before it’s the first day of school…forever? [Amazon]

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