The ‘iZombie’ Cast Tease 11 Things to Know about Season 4

     February 23, 2018


Last fall, Collider was invited to the Vancouver set of iZombie, alongside a handful of other outlets, to check out the sets and chat with the cast. Rose McIver gave us a good primer for what we can expect in Season 4, without giving too much away (of course), but David Anders (Blaine), Rahul Kohli (Ravi), Robert Buckley (Major), Malcolm Goodwin (Clive) and Aly Michalka (Peyton) also shared some tidbits of their own. Below are some of the hints and teases we were able to get about a season that will not only take the show’s humor to new heights, but will also dive into some pretty serious territory — in a way that only iZombie can, of course:

— David Anders told us a little more about the transformation Shady Plots is having into “Romero’s:” “It feeds the one-percentors. It’s a fine-dining establishment. Cemetery-to-table restaurant […] Shady Plots keeps getting new life. But he’s still got The Scratching Post, too. He’s got his mitts in a lot of different rackets.”


Image via The CW

— Anders also revealed that the character interaction he’s the most excited for fans to see is “the fact that Don E. and Blaine are back together, the two-headed monster, get your right-hand man back!”

— Kohli couldn’t tell us what happens in regards to that Season 3 cliffhanger, but does say it’s resolved almost immediately. “It’s something that you just wanted people to be surprised about, and enjoy and figure out what’s going on. The only thing I can kind of tease is that it’s not, kind of, straightforward answer anyway, it’s way more complicated than ‘Are you or aren’t you?’ So, that’s as good as I can take you.”

— Kohli also revealed that when it comes to everyone’s favorite bromance with Ravi and Major, “There’s definitely a divide […] There’s rarely been a scene where we just hang out at our home. We just don’t have time for that right now. The world has become so much bigger and dangerous and story arcs have been more… There’s more pressing issues, so, we haven’t really had too many bro out moments this season.” Robert Buckley added,

“I think that Fillmore-Graves is absolutely a wedge, mostly with Liv, but it sort of does affect his relationship with everyone. Also just by the sheer geography of the fact that when he’s at Fillmore-Graves all day, he’s not around the house or the lab. It’s funny, because there’ll be an episode where it’s a big Fillmore-Graves episode, which is awesome, but there’s also part of me that’s like, ‘Aw, I kind of miss my cast. I wonder what they’re up to.’ But there’s still definitely the bromance there, because there’s still a lot of interaction. It’s just not episodes full of Major and Ravi yet, but we’ve had some good interactions so far. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get a little Chase Graves/Major Lillywhite bromance and you can come up with a fun power couple name for that one.”


Image via The CW

— Still, both actors are very excited about the new places that Season 4 is taking them, in terms of this bigger and maybe even darker world. “This is my favorite season, hands down,” Buckley told us. “I felt a sense of excitement from the writers’ room when I started getting the scripts, and something that I loved right off the bat was that everyone’s story had stakes. It really was like new Seattle is a powder keg, and there’s so much volatility because there’s zombies having to coexist with humans.” Kohli agreed, saying, “It’s kept things fresh for us. And on a personal level, I appreciate the commentary, and I appreciate the ecosystem that they’ve created. The gray is really interesting. […] Obviously there are extremes on both sides, but there is a gray area where that is what we need to debate, and iZombie … Without being too heavy, never loses its DNA.”

Michalka echoed those thoughts, saying “I think that’s we’ve opened up the scope of what this show does. It started out very much as a procedural, which it still is at its core, but being able to touch on these topics in a way that is tongue-in-cheek but also, really, truly showing this very real aspect of what we’re going through right now.”