Watch: J.J. Abrams and Jon Stewart Talk STAR WARS and STAR TREK on THE DAILY SHOW

     May 14, 2013


J.J. Abrams was the guest on The Daily Show last night, and lest you think that host Jon Stewart is somehow not a nerd, the conversation between the two quickly delved into a Star Wars vs. Star Trek discussion that had Stewart lambasting Abrams for saying he wasn’t a fan of Trek growing up.  It’s a pretty great (and candid) conversation, and Abrams also talks a bit about how his approach to Star Wars differs to that of Star Trek.  Moreover, the two talk briefly about Stewart’s upcoming directorial debut, Rosewater, with Abrams revealing that he provided some input on Stewart’s script for the film, which is slated to shoot this summer.  Hit the jump to watch the full interview.

Here’s the official interview that aired:

And here’s the extended portion of the interview, in which the two discuss Stewart’s film: