Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman Exclusive Video Interviews – KUNG FU PANDA

     June 6, 2008

Opening today is the new DreamWorks animated action comedy Kung Fu Panda. It’s the one about a giant panda named Po (voiced by Jack Black) who is stuck in his role as the son of a popular noodle chef. Frustrated, Po dreams of becoming a kung fu master, marveling at the skills of his idols The Furious Five: Crane (David Cross), Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Monkey (Jackie Chan), Mantis (Seth Rogan), Viper (Lucy Liu), and their master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman). When a happy accident leaves Po crowned the “Dragon Warrior,” an infuriated Shifu vows to never let Po survive the first day of training. However, once word spreads that villainous Tai Lung (Ian McShane) has broken out of prison and vows to destroy everything in his path, Po could very well be the only hero able to defeat Lung and save the land.

Anyway, at last weekend’s press junket, Collider’s partner website Omelete got to do on camera interviews with Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman. So thanks to Erico (Omelete’s main man) staying here an extra day…we were able to cut them here in the Collider office so you can watch them now.

Since Erico’s first language is Portuguese, I give him credit for doing the interview in English. Trust me; it’s hard enough to do an interview on camera in any language…so big props to Erico for staying afloat and getting good answers. In fact, he even got Jack Black to sing a bit of Encarnacion at the end of his interview! That’s definitely not the norm.

Again, Kung Fu Panda arrives in theaters today and I definitely recommend it. If you’d like to read Brian’s review of the film click here, and for movie clips from Kung Fu Panda, click here.

Erico Interviews Po the Panda

Jack Black Video Interview – KUNG FU PANDA

Dustin Hoffman Video Interview – KUNG FU PANDA

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