Jack Black is a MAN-WITCH No More

     June 11, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Jack Black has decided to ditch Warner Brother’s supernatural comedy “Man-Witch,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film, written by Todd Phillips of “Old School” and “Borat” fame, deals with a man who discovers that he has magical powers and then goes off to teach at an all-girl’s school for witches. Black, who signed on to star in the comedy in 2007, gave no reason for his abrupt exit – I suspect that the title brought back too many traumatic memories of sloppy joe days at his junior high.

“Man-Witch” remains in active development, with Phillips still on as producer and, most likely, the film’s director. A short list of actors to replace Black is being considered – but who will be able to capture that annoying – I mean endearing – energy that Black could have brought to the part? Hmm, Rob Schneider perhaps?

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