Jack Black and Jason Segel Record a Christmas Duet

     December 11, 2010


Just a couple of weeks before Gulliver’s Travels is due to hit theaters, co-stars Jack Black and Jason Segel are already in Yuletide mode.

They have recorded an updated version of the 1977 hit “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth,” which featured David Bowie and Bing Crosby on vocals. While Black and Segel are definitely a different genre, it definitely is worth checking out. Watch it after the jump.

“Why it’s Jason Segel the actor!”

“Hi Jack Black.”

Featuring a classic cartoon animation style, the video, posted on College Humor, starts off with a conversation between the two actors. Segel is paying a neighborly visit to borrow some ginger but then spots the piano, and a duet is born.

It is actually good, keeping the classical Yuletide tone while providing elements of rock, in typical Jack Black style. It is available for download on iTunes.

I found their cartoon clothes as interesting as the rest: Segel is wearing a Hawaiian style shirt, probably a leftover from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, while Black sports a holiday-themed vest.

The Bowie/Bing duet was parodied by Willie Nelson and Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, for the show’s holiday special. Check out all three versions below.

Gulliver’s Travels is set to hit theaters in 3D on December 22 in time for the coveted holiday box-office season.


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