Every Jack Ryan Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

     August 3, 2019


The Jack Ryan franchise is nearly three decades old, but the character remains a pop culture mainstay, as evidenced by the new Amazon TV series led by John Krasinski. Ryan, of course, was created by writer Tom Clancy who wrote a series of books tracking the exploits of the CIA analyst who consistently found himself coming face to face with danger. Those exploits were mined for five feature films in total, with three separate actors offering up their take on the Jack Ryan character.

Ryan isn’t a superhero, nor is he some chiseled assassin. He is, for the most part, a fit, smart, regular guy who uses his intellect to help navigate some of the U.S.’s most dangerous situations. It’s kind of a miracle that Ryan has remained popular all this time, given the exponentially increasing scope of studio films. And while not all of the Jack Ryan movies are great, there’s something compelling about each and every one.

So below, I’ve ranked each and every Jack Ryan movie from worst to best, discussing the highlights and downfalls of each. And below that, I’ve offered my thoughts on what the Jack Ryan Collection—which is available in stores and online now—has to offer.

Let’s begin…

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