Jack White and Alicia Keys JAMES BOND Music Video for Another Way to Die

     October 1, 2008

With “James Bond: Quantum of Solace” getting ready to hit theaters on November 14th, the folks at Sony Studios have started ramping up their promotional campaign. While we’ll start to get movie clips and interviews with the actors in the next few weeks, the first order of business is promoting the theme song.

In case you didn’t know, Jack Black and Alicia Keys have recorded the title song for “Quantum of Solace” and I’ve got a minute of the music video for you to watch here:

While many online have been less than happy with the song, personally, I dig it. I always like it when two great artists pair up, and these two aren’t your typical teenage pop stars that lip synch and pretend….these two are true musicians.

Of course with music, just like any art form, it’s all subjective. So what’s cool to me might be less than perfect to you. Either way, I think we can all agree the last Bond movie kicked major ass and if this new one is as good, I might need adult diapers in the theater.

Besides the minute clip from the video, I’ve also been given a short interview from when they were filming the video and about 9 minutes of behind the scenes footage, so take a look.

I’m beyond looking forward to “Quantum of Solace,” so expect lots of additional coverage in the next few weeks.

Jack White and Alicia Keys Interview

  • On the inspiration for the video

  • Their reaction to watching the film

  • On their goal for the video

B-Roll – Behind the Scenes Footage

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