Jackie Chan Dons a Roller-Blading Stunt Suit in a New Teaser for CHINESE ZODIAC

     August 28, 2012


When you’ve been in the stunt/action movie game for as long as Jackie Chan has, you probably start to think that everything’s been done.  And then one of your stunt guys suggests street luging in a fully articulated suit that’s covered in roller blades.  The stunt sequence is only one action piece in Chan’s upcoming Chinese Zodiaca film that he claims will be his last major action role in order to focus on other acting pursuits (he wants to become the “Asian Robert De Niro”).  If that plan holds true, it’ll be a sad day for action fans, but what a way to go! Hit the jump to see Chan in action in the rollerblading suit in a new teaser for Chinese Zodiac, along with the film’s trailer.
Chinese Zodiac sees Chan reprise his role as Asian Hawk (Armour of God, Operation Condor).  In this newest installment, Hawk attempts to search out the twelve mystical bronze sculpture heads of animals in the Chinese zodiac.  The quest necessitates some crazy gear that allows him to break into (and out of) some tight situations.  And sometimes, situations call for a rollerblading suit (via Twitch):

The suit was actually revealed at Chan’s panel for the film at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.  A stuntman came out on stage in the suit and did a few tricks.  Unfortunately, the crowd was more confused by what the hell was going on as it lacked the dynamic presentation you just witnessed in the scene above.  Get some more glimpses of the action in the trailer for Chinese Zodiac here.

Chinese Zodiac, also known as CZ12, also stars Oliver Platt, Steven Dasz, Caitlin Dechelle and Kenny G (?) and debuts December 12, 2012.


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