Jai Courtney on ‘Suicide Squad’ and Why Margot Robbie Got to Tattoo His Arm

     August 1, 2016


In preparing to interview Jai Courtney at the New York City press junket for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, I realized that I wanted to do something different. I wanted everyone to be able to see the actor’s very funny personality while also paving the way for a fun back and forth conversation. Since I was only approved for a print interview, I had no idea how I was going to make it happen.

As I was walking through the junket setup towards Courtney, it hit me that I should do the interview on Facebook Live. However, I hadn’t asked in advance which usually means it’ll never happen. But thanks to Jennifer (Courtney’s awesome publicist), about one minute after I asked to do it I was sitting next to Courtney holding my phone in the air and going Live on Facebook. Trust me, this is not the norm at junkets and I’m so grateful to Jennifer and Jai for letting me do this.


Clay Enos/ & © DC Comics Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

During the interview Courtney discussed Ayer’s unique approach to character development sessions with Ayer’s friend from the police department, getting a tattoo from Margot Robbie after losing a bet, how Suicide Squad shows all sides of DC Universe, what he “borrowed” from set, who ruined the most takes, sequels, and you might even see a special appearance from another member of the Suicide Squad around the eleven minute mark.

Finally, while I really recommend watching the entire interview, I want to make sure you watch the last two minutes, because that’s when Courtney and I walked over to where his costume was on display and he pointed out some interesting facets about the Captain Boomerang costume. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Check out the interview below and further down is what we talked about and some recent Suicide Squad links. Look for more from the NYC junket tomorrow.

suicide-squad-poster-boomerangJai Courtney:

  • Talks about David Ayer’s unique approach to character development sessions with Ayer’s friend from the police department (1:56)
  • Drawing from personal experiences being incorporated into acting.
  • Talks about getting a tattoo after losing a bet to Margot Robbie (4:40)
  • Was there a debate about where it was going to go? Or did she get to pick? (5:48)
  • Rumors regarding a meeting with David when he had eaten something questionable? (6:17)
  • Courtney talks about his experiences with the cast while making Suicide Squad (7:05)
  • Warner Brother’s marketing for Suicide Squad (7:42)
  • How Suicide Squad shows all sides of DC Universe (8:50)
  • Who did the most ad-libs that made it into the film? (9:59)
  • Who ruined the most takes? (10:15)
  • Margot Robbie gives her perspective on Jai’s tattoo story (11:00)
  • Talks about his preferences on getting takes (12:27)
  • Talks about promoting the film (13:33)
  • Ccontract for sequels (14:34)
  • What did he steal from set? (15:59)
  • Talks about downtime with the cast in Toronto? (17:00)
  • The Kaiser’s Last Kiss talk(17:52)
  • Points out Easter eggs on his costume (18:41)

Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.


Clay Enos/ & © DC Comics Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

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