Watch: Every James Bond Gadget Ever Used in Under 17 Minutes

     November 6, 2015


With James Bond’s latest international tour of general mayhem, widespread chaos, and just a shit-ton of murder hitting the big screen in Spectre, there’s been plenty of 007 stories and tidbits hitting the web. (You might remember our own Matt Goldberg recently ranked the Bond theme songs from worst to best, and then there was this pretty wonderful bit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.) The latest thing to pop up in the celebration of all things Bond is a actually pretty awesome supercut of all the Bond gadgets that have ever been used in the franchise thus far, up to but not including the few new ones used in Spectre.

Check out the supercut of the Bond gadgets below:

So, that’s just a little under 200 weapons and devices that Bond has used to smite evildoers worldwide over the last few decades, and in the contest of who got the best killer swag, my money is on Pierce Brosnan. The Q scenes in the Brosnan films were the first to have a good sense of self-awareness, which helped allow the filmmakers, including GoldenEye and Casino Royale helmer Martin Campbell, to let rip with inventiveness. That being said, their were plenty of goofy, impossible watches, car parts, and other do-dads that were loaded up on the likes of Sean Connery and Roger Moore, to say nothing of Timothy Dalton, who I not-so-secretly think might have been the best of all the Bond actors.


Image via Eon Productions

The gadgets used in these Bond films have suggested that the series’ real focus should have been on the extravagance and insanity of the life of a spy, which the films have showcased often. However, the films, including the mildly entertaining Spectre, have never been able to hone in on the absurdity of the entire rigamarole, never had the guts to laugh at the exotic locales, gorgeous women, fancy wardrobes, and the sheer tonnage of money that must go into bankrolling a super-spy. That’s where the films have crucially failed, but as far as pretty, zone-out entertainments go, accept no substitutes.


Image via Eon Productions


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