James Cameron, Director Alister Grierson & Andrew Wight Exclusive Video Interview SANCTUM

     February 3, 2011

James Cameron, Director Alister Grierson, Andrew Wight Interview SANCTUM slice

Rounding out our Sanctum coverage is a video interview with writer and real adventurer Andrew Wight, director Alister Grierson and producer James Cameron. Wight co-wrote the film, based upon his real life experiences, while Grierson found himself in the director’s chair after finishing a low budget movie about Australia during WWII.  Cameron of course, has directed the most expensive movie ever made, three times over. I got to sit down and discuss story development, things that were too extreme too show on camera, and the future of 3D filmmaking.  Hit the jump for the interview:

Before getting to the interview, you can watch some clips from Sanctum here.

James Cameron, Alister Grierson & Andrew Wight

  • We discuss the basics of storytelling (00:01-00:10)
  • How difficult was it to get the studio to agree to an R-rated movie with a slow build up? (00:10-1:25)
  • How close to the real events is the movie? (1:25-2:15)
  • What were some of the real events that didn’t make it into the film? (2:15-3:40)
  • In producing 3D films and sheparding 3D filmmakers Cameron has almost become like Roger Corman, how does that feel? (3:40-end)


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