James Frain and Bruce Boxleitner Exclusive Video Interview TRON: LEGACY

     December 18, 2010

With TRON: Legacy finally in movie theaters, it’s time to post my final video interview and it’s with James Frain and Bruce Boxleitner.  Since the two of them have been doing so much press over the past year, I tried to have some fun with my questions.  Some of the things we talked about were what did they take home from set, did they both get a lifetime pass for Disneyland for being in Tron, working on the practical sets, and we also talked about the promotional process.

And if you missed my video interviews with Olivia Wilde, Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen and Beau Garrett, and director Joseph Kosinski and producer Sean Bailey, just click the links.  Hit the jump for the Frain and Boxleitner interview:

Finally, if you’re going to see TRON: Legacy, I strongly recommend seeing it in IMAX 3D as 43 minutes of the film has been adjusted for the large screen format.  It’s the way the film should be seen.

James Frain and Bruce Boxleitner

  • Do they enjoy the promotional process
  • What did they take home from set
  • By being in a huge Disney movie…does that mean they get a lifetime pass for Disneyland
  • Talked about the practical sets and how the universe of Tron felt real. Also what was it like to work on them

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