SPRING BREAKERS to Have Awards Qualifying Run in Futile Attempt to Get James Franco an Oscar Nomination

     October 16, 2012


One of the craziest films I’ve seen this year is Harmony Korine‘s Spring Breakers.  The slightly surreal picture follows a group of co-eds who don’t mind resorting to violence if it means they get to keep their raucous spring break going.  When they end up in jail, they’re bailed out by the colorful drug dealer Alien (James Franco), who thinks he’s met some easy prey but instead he’s met his match.  It’s one of Franco’s most memorable performances, and according to Showbiz 411, Annapurna Pictures will give the movie an awards qualifying run in December to try and get a Best Supporting Actor nomination.  I seriously doubt Franco will get the nod since the Academy probably hasn’t forgotten how he pissed on their ceremony a couple years ago.  More importantly, this isn’t an “Academy” performance.  It’s a strange character in an even stranger film, so I doubt the old white guys are going to warm to Franco singing a rendition of Britney Spears‘ “Everytime”.

Franco just wrapped shooting on his adaptation of William Faulkner‘s As I Lay Dying.  He’s next move on to co-star in Homefront with Winona Ryder and Jason Statham, and Franco recently signed on to co-star in The Grace That Keeps This World.

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