James Gray Knows The Way to the LOST CITY OF Z

     December 10, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

After seeing James Gray’s “We Own The Night” last year, I was astonished that it seemed to avoid drama and conflict at almost every turn. More surprising was that Gray was not only aware of this, but he was proud of it and hailed his story and direction as “unconventional”. If the convention is to make dramatic movies that engage the audience, then yes, “We Own the Night” was unconventional.

Gray will bring his radical approach to the adaptation of David Grann’s “The Lost City of Z” with Brad Pitt starring as British soldier and spy Percy Fawcett. However, Gray may not be able to avoid drama this time around as the story focuses on Fawcett leaving Victorian society to explore the Amazon and searching for advanced civilization he called “Z”. Then again, Gray may be coming back to drama sooner than this as his newest film, “Two Lovers” starring Joaquin Phoenix (in his final pre-retirement role) and Gwyneth Paltrow hits theatres in February.

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