James Gunn Exclusive Video Interview

     October 26, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

A few nights ago I was able to land a great interview with director James Gunn. I spoke with him at a Microsoft event where they were promoting some recent games and the original content that James is currently creating for X-Box Live.

In case you didn’t know, James and a bunch of other directors are creating original content for Xbox and the cool thing is they have a tremendous amount of creative freedom and they also own the stuff they create. When speaking with James, it sounded like he was incredibly excited by the new media business model.

But before getting to the interview below…I want to make sure you’re familiar with something else James is working on…it’s called PG Porn. As you can see in the first episode below, James has teamed actual porn stars with actors you’ll recognize and he’s created an cool new series that’s absolutely worth watching. It’s basically porn without the intercourse. But…trust me…it has a great ending and you’ll laugh a lot.

So before getting to the interview, watch the first episode! If you’ve already seen it, scroll down and enjoy the two part interview. The first one is about what he’s doing for Xbox and the 2nd part is all PG Porn talk. If you liked the first episode, wait till you hear about what’s coming….

James Gunn part 1

· What he did for Xbox Live – he got a bunch of horror directors to make comedy shorts for Xbox live

· How was it working for Microsoft – he explains how they all own what they create

· Do they have to deal with ratings for Xbox for does he have the creative freedom to do what he wants

· For fans of James, I ask what has he done for Xbox – he talks about his two shows and one of which is about to film called Sparky and Mikala

James Gunn part 2 – PG Porn

· Are the future episodes of PG Porn going to have twists like the first one and what’s coming up for the series

· Are the episodes going to be tied together or are they going to be stand alones

· Some of the future episodes are called Genital Hospital and Peanus

· He talks about the first episode and how he needed to adjust Nathan Fillion’s acting to make it worse

· Where did the idea come from

· Are any of the future episodes gonzo based…

· Says they have already shot 5 episodes and will be shooting at least 8 more

· Talks about the air dates for future episodes

· Talks about what else he is working on

· Are there any people that he wants to work with for his new media shows – says he is about to shoot an episode of PG Porn with Jenna Haze and Alan Tudyk

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