Awesome James Hance Artwork Showcases STAR WARS, STAR TREK, THE MUPPETS, and Much More

     September 6, 2010


Imagine all the crazy mash ups of images from different iconic series that you have seen, and multiply it. That is what James Hance does, taking inspiration from childhood and throwing together famous pop culture posters to include a character from another series, with great results. Simon Pegg recently tweeted about the artist, which brought a huge selection of his art to our attention. You can see above a sample of what he does, and you can join me after the break to hear his own description of his art and more selections, including a take on North by Northwest with Cary Grant running from a TIE fighter.

As you can see, Hance has a knack for taking iconic images and adding pure joy to them by adding in other characters. Many of the prints can be bought for only $10, which is pretty awesome. You can check out the site here and this is what he had to say about his creations:

“I’m inspired by television and movies from my childhood. It’s funny how you watch some of those things today and wonder why you were so obsessed with them at the time. I remember the Fonz being SO much cooler than he actually was. My paintings are basically just placards screaming ‘Childhood! It was amazing! I want it forever, please!’ I paint mainly in my pajamas, watching the Muppet Show and eating cereal. I’d like to think it shows.”





Simon Pegg’s favorite:


Check out more of Hance’s art here.

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