James McAvoy says he’s NOT Going to be a HOBBIT.

     June 12, 2008

Forgive this very brief update. I’m on an airplane about to take off from New Orleans back to LA.

Niall Browne, Collider’s guy in London, just emailed me from the Wanted junket in London where James McAvoy said,”it’s not true by the way, it’s all internet rumoring and nothing else I’m afraid. Sorry.”

He, of course, was referring to the internet rumors that he’ll be playing Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit movies.

For me…I’m not 100% sold that he’s telling us the truth. James is a very talented actor and someone who would be perfect in the role. But, for now, he’s saying that he’s not playing the part. One can still hope.

Also, Niall reports that he heard the actors say if the film does well to expect a sequel. Pretty obvious…I know.

Expect a lot more on Wanted in the coming days as Niall will be writing a lot of coverage and we’re covering the junket in Los Angeles. Also, the film has started screening so expect reviews to leak online quite soon.

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