James Wan Announces Title of His New Movie & the Start of Filming on Instagram

     September 25, 2019


James Wan has offered his fans yet another new piece of information about his next film. On Tuesday, the director took to his Instagram to reveal the title of his 10th feature-length film which stars Annabelle Wallis, who previously starred in the Wan-produced Annabelle.

Wan kept it short and sweet with the title announcement, which has been unknown since the time the project was confirmed back in late July. He posted a photo of a clapboard which reads “Malignant” — the title of the film — and also shows it’s the very first take on the first scene being filmed for the project. Below, Wan writes in his caption: “First day of principal photography on the 10th feature film of my career. MALIGNANT is the official title. Really excited for this one.”

So, there it is: Malignant. A name which conjures up all sorts of spooky ideas and is forever attached to Wan’s milestone feature film. While the title Malignant doesn’t exactly confirm the plot — another key aspect of this project that’s been kept under wraps for months — it does give us a somewhat clearer idea of what we should expect. “Malignant” suggests a sickness or something vengeful that won’t go away, right? Are we looking at another ghost-ridden movie like Wan’s The Conjuring? Are there demons on tap for Malignant, taking hold of people or objects similar to the Wan-produced The Nun or Annabelle? Who knows!

Of course, Wan’s Instagram photo not only confirms the title but also that the film has officially begun filming. The shoot is taking place in Los Angeles, a detail revealed during the project’s initial announcement. The director also shared images during Malignant‘s pre-production of different locations which could potentially appear in the movie. Among the very spooky photos were an empty operating room and a room filled with mannequins. At the time, Wan teased Malignant would be a “hard-R thriller,” which, in combination with the film’s particularly nasty title, means audiences should brace themselves for full-impact scares.

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