Rumor: Jamie Bell Will Star in Marc Webb’s SPIDER-MAN Reboot

     June 7, 2010

Will Jamie Bell (Defiance) play everyone’s favorite web-slinger in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot?  The folks over at Bleeding Cool say, “Yes.”  According to the website, they have received “repeated reports” in the last 24 hours that Sony has cast the award-winning actor to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man.  Bell was one of the five actors rumored to be the short list to play the part.

While I would prefer that Donald Glover get the part, Bell is still a great choice.  He was the one good thing in Jumper, he’s got the acting chops, and if he’s kept his Eagle of the Ninth physique, then he’s already got a head-start on making sure Peter Parker is the beneficiary of the spider-bite workout plan.  If Bell got the gig, it would be his second major franchise.  He’s playing Tintin in Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s The Adventures of Tintin series.

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