Jamie Kennedy, Jesse “Casper” Brown and Aris Alvarado Interviewed – KICKIN’ IT OLD SKOOL

     April 26, 2007

Opening up tomorrow is “Kickin’ It Old Skool” which is the new film starring Jamie Kennedy as a kid from the 80’s who wakes up after being in a twenty year coma. Since I didn’t see a screening, here is the synopsis:

In 1985, 12-year old Justin Schumacher was hoping killer moves could help him dance into his dream girl’s heart.So when Justin and his break dance posse — the Funky Fresh Boyz — were challenged to a battle in the school talent show, Justin knew what he had to do. But after starting with a coffee grind, into a head spin and a freeze, Justin decided to go for a back flip that sent him flying off stage. One freak break dancing accident later, Justin is in a coma; leaving Jennifer, the Funky Fresh Boyz, and the world as he knows behind for 20 years.

Awakening a thirty-something with a child’s mind when ’80s music hits his ears, Justin (Jamie Kennedy) might have suddenly regained consciousness, but his world has changed. His parents are drowning in debt from medical costs, his boyz grew up and went lame, and his dream girl Jennifer (Maria Menounos) is now engaged to current scumbag and former grade school nemesis Kip Unger (Michael Rosenbaum). Lost in a high-tech time warp the former break dancing phenom is determined to prove that old skool can still keep it real.

Justin’s chance at redemption arrives in the form of a $100,000.00 dance competition hosted by his rival Kip.Getting his crew back together isn’t easy but once Darnell Jackson (Miguel A. Núñez Jr.), Aki Terasaki (Bobby Lee) and Hector Jimenez (Aris Alvarado) are with him only time and a serious lack of practice stands in their way. Can the Funky Fresh Boyz rise to the challenge, win the contest and put the groove back in their lives? Featuring some of today’s most innovative dance talent including Jesse “Casper” Brown & Luca “Lazy Legs” Patuelli and with surprise appearances by ‘80s “cultural icons,” Kickin’ It Old Skool is out to prove that break dancing isn’t dead, it’s just been in a coma.

To help promote the movie Jamie and two of the other actors in the film, Jesse “Casper” Brown and Aris Alvarado, answered some questions the other day and I have the audio below.

While I usually post a transcript with the audio files I couldn’t get this one done in time. But I figured you’d still want to hear them talk.

If you want to hear Jamie Kennedy and Jesse “Casper” Brown talk click here for the MP3. Jamie covers how this character is different from all his others as well as telling a good story about how Michael Rosenbaum came to the project.

And if you want to hear Aris Alvarado click here. He explains how he got attached to the project, what it was like learning all those dance moves, and his upcoming project that’s shooting this summer in Worcester, Massachusetts about an 80’s boy band.

And while there are a few images from the film below you can go here to see a lot more.

“Kickin’ It Old Skool” opens tomorrow.

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