Jamie King talks SIN CITY 2

     January 10, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

One of the big sequels fandom has been waiting for is “Sin City 2”. Unfortunately, the film has never materialized, even though rumors of it gearing up have been online for years. You’d think with the success of the first film, the studio and the filmmakers would want to make another one as soon as possible.

And according to Jamie King, who I spoke with today at the press junket for “My Bloody Valentine 3D”, maybe everyone involved did have that intention. But for whatever reason…they couldn’t all agree on what direction the sequel should go in.

But…it’s possible that all the previous problems have been put to bed, as Jamie says Frank Miller has finally finished the script for the sequel and she hopes to be making it this year.

As a big fan of the first movie, I really hope this is the year it finally gets made.

Anyway, here’s what Jamie had to say about why the sequel has taken so long to get going….it’s quite an interesting read…

Collider: Do you think Sin City 2 is ever going to happen?

Jamie: Yeah. Frank just finished the script. I was with him the other night. He just finished it and the thing is…I think when Sin City came out it was such a big hit for the studio but the studio is frustrating…sometimes studios are awesome because they have a great vision for something, but then they want to do weird things with the second one. Robert didn’t want to go down that route, so we’ve just be waiting till somebody knocked some sense into them, where we can do it the way we want to do it. None of the filmmakers or the actors were willing to sacrifice doing it any other way other than what we wanted to do it. I’m hoping we’ll do it sometime this year. But you know how movies are…I remember I was with Robert and he said we’re going in two months. I was like okay, we’ll have to work out everybody’s schedule. But then it got pushed. So you never really know with movies. It happens when it happens.

Collider: Do you know with Sin City 2 if Frank is taking existing material or did he write new material?

Jamie: Both. There is existing material and then there are things he has added to it also.

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