Jared Harris Talks THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, Creating a World Without CG, the Deeper Themes Being Explored in the Film, and More

     August 22, 2013


The best fantasy material explores a deeper theme of some kind – and given that criteria, Jared Harris insists that The Mortal Instruments fits comfortably into the ranks of classic series. The story of a young woman named Clary who discovers that she’s a key player in a supernatural world that hides from the real one she knows, the bestselling book series by Cassandra Clare has already won millions of fans and become a beloved property that allows its readers to transport themselves to a different time and place. Harris, meanwhile, plays Hodge, a mentor figure for Clary who holds the secrets that bind her to these two worlds, and he offers his expertise both as a character and an actor to give the film its drama.

Collider sat down with Harris at the Los Angeles press day for The Mortal Instruments, where the actor talked about the opportunities he’s enjoyed in playing so many different roles in as many different kinds of projects. In addition to talking about the challenges of working on one film which seems destined to become a series, he talked about the grounding influence of practical production, and reflected on the deeper ideas that City of Bones explores which he thinks will resonate with its viewers.

Jared Harris:

  • Talks about how he’s been able to bounce back and forth from many different types of roles
  • Talks about making a film when everyone expects future installments.  Talks about how they didn’t want a film with tons of CG and how the world would feel real and lived in
  • What does he think are the deeper themes being explored in the film


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