Jared Padalecki Exclusive Video Interview – FRIDAY THE 13th

     February 12, 2009

Written by Andre Dellamorte

Jared Padelecki has the weight of Friday the 13th on his shoulders in the film. Where the other characters get to have fun or be funny, his is on the lookout for his missing/presumed dead sister. It seems, to make up for that, Padalecki was outgoing and charming doing this interviews for film. And for someone who was dealing with me at around 4 in the afternoon after talking about the movie all day, he was enjoying himself.

I started the interview talking about height, because he’s 6’4” and as am I, and when the interview concluded, we stood up and measured ourselves against each other. Which could not have been funnier to me, it’s so childish, but, whatever. As we were doing this I asked him if he had seen his IMDb page where obviously fans filled out all the trivia, and I told him how it lists his favorite bands, and that he was the sexiest Ghostbuster of 2005. His response “Then who was the sexiest Ghostbuster in 2006?” It strikes me that he’s one of the good guys.

And I totally got away with having never seen Supernatural.

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