Jason Momoa Has Some Harsh Words for Marvel

     March 17, 2015


In the world of comic books, there’s certainly been some healthy (and sometimes intense) competition between the two biggest publishers: Marvel and DC. While feature film adaptations of both comics have been around for decades, Marvel started taking creative control over its movies in 2008 with Iron Man, which was released via the newly formed Marvel Studios. Cut to seven years later and Marvel Studios is now a household brand, responsible for producing some of the biggest films around.

With Marvel Studios’ inter-connected universe gamble having paid off tremendously, other studios are now trying to emulate their success. One such studio is Warner Bros., which just so happens to own all of the DC Comics properties. WB had phenomenal success of its own with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, but now its finally time for them to create their own superhero universe utilizing their litany of familiar (and unfamiliar) characters. They had a bit of a soft open with Man of Steel, but the studio is ready to blow the doors open with next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As the subtitle implies, director Zack Snyder’s superhero pic is poised to introduce a number of superhero characters that will be getting their own Warner Bros.-backed DC movies in the future, including Aquaman as played by Jason Momoa.

Snyder recently provided us with our first look at Momoa in costume as the ocean-dwelling hero, and the look is certainly in keeping with Warner Bros.’ “grittier” approach to superheroes in relation to Marvel’s. Momoa recently attended Indiana Comic-Con where a fan asked him to sign the Aquaman poster, and the actor cheekily added a strongly worded “first shot” at Marvel (via CBM):


It turns out the fan in question apparently asked Momoa to write the words “Fuck Marvel” on the poster, and I have to say, it’s pretty funny of the actor to acquiesce (assuming he actually wrote this, that is). With WB getting ready to go full-out on its DC Universe movies, we’re about to have ourselves a proper “battle” at the box office between the two comic book companies once again, allowing fans to “take sides” (though since everyone’s going to see these movies, it’s really Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios/Disney that win).

There’s no doubt competition behind the scenes between the excecs at each company, and now that Momoa is the first actor to take a “shot” at the rival comic book characters, could a little back-and-forth follow in the months to come? What say you, readers? Have you chosen a “team”?

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