March 16, 2012


Opening this weekend, in limited release, is writer/directors Jay and Mark Duplass (Cyrus) Jeff Who Lives at Home.  Starring Jason Segel (The Muppets) and Ed Helms (The Hangover) as two brothers, with Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise) as their mother, Jeff Who Lives at Home follows Jeff (Segel) as he searches for meaning in his life and inadvertently helps his brother, Pat (Helms) discover a truth of his own.  For more on the very funny film, here’s three clips, twenty images, the trailer, and my Toronto Film Festival interview with the Duplass Brothers.

During my recent interview with Segel, we talked about how he got involved in the film, what it’s like to do a dramatic movie where most of the scenes are improvised, the shooting process of the Duplass brothers, what it was like to shoot in chronological order, the inclusion of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs in the movie, whether more people recognize him from SLC Punk, Alias, or Can’t Hardly Wait, what TV shows he’s currently watching, his involvement (or lack thereof) with The Muppets sequel, The Five-Year Engagement, the inevitable end of How I Met Your Mother, and what he plans to do for his upcoming hiatus.  Hit the jump to watch.

jeff-who-lives-at-home-jason-segel-1If you missed it, be sure to also check out my Jeff, Who Lives at Home interview with Ed Helms.

Here’s the time index:

  • :18 Do more people want to talk to him about SLC Punk, Alias or Can’t Hardly Wait?
  • :32 Talks about what TV shows he watches besides his own. He’s a big fan of reality cooking shows.
  • :55 How he got involved in the film. Says he’s been a big fan of the Duplass brothers for a long time.
  • 1:32 What it was like on set when most of the scenes are improvised. Talks about the misconception people have about improvisation, says the Duplass brothers just want to see the actors vulnerable.
  • 2:57 How many takes does he like to do and what’s the most he’s ever done? With the Duplass brothers, they do long, 40-minute takes instead of a bunch of takes in a row.
  • 3:49 The shooting process for the Duplass brothers. They shoot with two cameras but they never ask their actors to recreate a spontaneous moment.
  • 4:14 What it’s like to work with two directors. Says they work from one mind.
  • 4:34 Shooting in chronological order. Says he gained 25 pounds over the course of shooting the movie, but the film is supposed to take place in one day. Says it was a side-effect of living in New Orleans.
  • 5:51 How much he pays attention to wardrobe. Says Jeff was pretty perfectly drawn in the script, so he didn’t have to do much creating with the character.
  • 6:50 Talks about the inclusion of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs in the film.
  • 7:51 The Muppets sequel. Says he’s not starring in or writing the sequel, but his goal was to bring The Muppets back so he feels like he succeeded in setting the stage for them to do what they wanted.
  • 8:49 Talks The Five-Year Engagement. Says it’s the best movie of April 2012.
  • 9:47 Talks How I Met Your Mother slowly coming to an end. Says it’s the longest he’s ever been involved in anything.
  • 10:29 Does he know what he’s doing in the upcoming hiatus? Says he wants to take a nap.


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