July 8, 2010

slice Jason Segel Video Interview DESPICABLE ME

I’ve been a fan of Jason Segel’s work for a long time.  While some of you still haven’t seen Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared, if you haven’t, you’re missing out on great television and some fantastic work by Segel.  But even though both of those shows died well before their time, Segel’s landed on his feet, as he’s one of the stars of the very popular CBS show How I Met Your Mother, and he’s even been the leading man in a big Hollywood movie – Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Anyway, with the 3D CGI movie Despicable Me opening tomorrow, I was able to talk with Segel as a reporter for our partners at Omelete.  During the almost 6 minute interview, we talked about Brazil, the World Cup, what got him involved in Despicable Me, his next film Jeff Who Lives at Home (directed by The Duplass Brothers), and he gave me updates on The Muppet Movie and Nicholas Stoller’s Five-Year Engagement – which he said is about the fluidity of relationships in your 20’s.  He also said he hopes to shoot this next spring as his hiatus movie.  It’s a great interview, so hit the jump to check it out:

Finally, you can watch 10 clips from Despicable Me by clicking here.

Jason Segel

  • Brazil talk
  • World Cup talk
  • How did he get involved in Despicable Me
  • With all the characters villains, did that attract him to the material
  • How did he find the voice
  • What’s the last year been like for him
  • Jeff Who Lives At Home talk (a film he has coming up)
  • Muppet movie talk – Segel explains how he’ll be working 7 day weeks on the Muppet movie and How I Met Your Mother
  • Five Year Engagement talk – says they are writing it right now and hopes to be shooting in the spring. Hopes this is his hiatus movie next year.  He’s writing it with Nicholas Stoller.  He explains the plot.  Says it’s about the fluidity of relationships in your 20’s
  • Is he doing some of the songs for the Muppet Movie?  Segel says they have submitted the script to musicians they love and they are hoping to get some great stuff back.

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