Jason Statham to Star in HUMMINGBIRD

     November 2, 2011


There has been a lot of recent talk that Jason Statham might join the Transformers franchise or maybe even the Fast and Furious films. While that’s all still up in the air, we can confirm Statham’s next project. News from the American Film Market tells us that Statham will re-team with producer Stuart Ford’s IM Global for the action-drama Hummingbird. The picture seems tailor-made for Statham as it centers on an ex-Special Forces soldier looking for a way out of the criminal underworld of London. A twist of circumstance allows him to assume another identity and act out his vengeance through his own particular brand of redemptive justice.

Hummingbird will be the directorial debut for Steven Knight, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things. The film is slotted to shoot on location in London in early 2012. Hit the jump for more.

killer-elite-image Jason StathamTHR reported on the Statham role from the ongoing AFM in Santa Monica. The $20 million project, entirely financed through IM Global, is currently being shopped to foreign buyers. This will be the second time Statham and IM Global have worked together, the first being on Safe, which opens in theaters March 2, 2012. IM Global’s Ford remarked on their effort:

“We had a great experience making Safe with Jason and we’re excited to team him with a director/producer team as sophisticated as Steven, Paul [Webster] and Tracey [Seaward].”

As stated, Oscar-nominees Webster (Atonement) and Seaward (The Queen) are lined up to produce. Webster was quoted as follows:

“This is a perfect project for Shoebox Films.  Thank you to Stuart Ford and the IM Global team for their tremendous support for Steve and Jason.  I can’t wait for this brilliant script to make the leap from page to screen.”

While the plot does sound like many of Statham’s projects, the man does know how to sell his character to the audience. Personally, I’d rather see him in rehashes of the “badass seeking redemption” than have him plunked into either of the above mentioned big budget franchises (though a Fast and Furious cameo would be welcome).

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