Jason Sudeikis on ‘Mother’s Day’ and Growing Up with Garry Marshall Films

     April 27, 2016


When I was ten, seemingly every day on TBS or TNT, I would flip on the channel and there would be Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn bickering at each other lovingly in Overboard. It’s such a pleasant, genial film – a hallmark of Garry Marshall’s best work from Overboard to The Flamingo Kid to Pretty Woman. There’s never an inkling of cynicism present. They’re fairy tales – set not in far off castles or fantastic realms but here in the modern world.


Image via Ron Batzdorff/Open Road Films

In the latter part of Marshall’s career, the filmmaker’s turned to more star-studded anthology films (all befalling across a particular Holiday – Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and now Mother’s Day). Like any anthology film, some of these stories work more than others; but that almost fantastical decency (the lynchpin of Pretty Woman and Nothing in Common and The Princess Diaries) still remains.

The best story/section of Mother’s Day taps into this same warm (but never sappy) feeling. Jason Sudeikis stars as a recently widowed husband, struggling to keep his family afloat after their tragic loss. It’s a simple story, the beats more than familiar – but Sudeikis sells the pap for all its worth. He’s cast a bit against type here, his trademark devil-may-care attitude tempered down into a more traditional ‘everyman’.

In this interview with Sudeikis, he discusses his love for Garry Marshall’s Nothing in Common, that film’s influence on Horrible Bosses and on-set stories with Marshall during Mother’s Day. For the full interview, watch the video above.

Jason Sudeikis:

  • Sudeikis on his favorite Garry Marshall film – the Tom Hanks/Jackie Gleason two-hander Nothing in Common.
  • Sudeikis reveals Nothing in Common’s influence on Horrible Bosses.
  • Sudeikis on working with Garry Marshall on tone for Mother’s Day.
  • Sudeikis on Gary Marshall stories and keeping them to himself.

Image via Ron Batzdorff/Open Road Films


Image via Ron Batzdorff/Open Road Films


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