Jay Chandrasekhar on ‘Super Troopers 2’, Easter Eggs, Fan Expectations, and More

     April 22, 2018

super-troopers-2-jay-chandrasekhar-sliceIt’s almost surreal to interview Jay Chandrasekhar, director and co-writer of Super Troopers 2 in his titular super trooper garb – it’s not unlike speaking to a Marvel personality while they’re still in their impressive super suits. But Chandrasekhar is shockingly relaxed despite having switched between on-screen gag machine and commanding director all day on set. He’s hard at work crafting a sequel that’s been nearly two decades in the making, the follow-up to the scruffy stoner flick that captured the Generation Y zeitgeist at seemingly the perfect cultural moment.

Finally, after a decade of formulating and a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, Chandrasekhar and the rest of Broken Lizard are finally making Super Troopers 2 a reality. During of his scant minutes of downtime, Collider had a chance to sit down with the writer/director to get the download on the long-awaited sequel. During our chat, Chandrasekhar revealed what it was like getting back in the Super Troopers driver’s seat, how he approached the film differently from the film he made two decades prior, how he dealt with the pressure of living up to the expectations, and the future he envisions for his team of uniformed weirdos.

Check out the full interview below. Super Troopers 2 is now in theaters.

How’s it going? I know we’re shooting a bit of a bawdy scene tonight.

JAYCHANDRASEKHAR: It is a bawdy scene. I mean, yeah it is. I mean, there’s a plot point to it. You know, the Canadians are just a little more open-minded than we are.

Has this been like riding a bike?

CHANDRASEKHAR: It is like riding a bike a little bit. Because, usually on a film the first three or four days, you try things out to try to figure out what you’re going to do. By the third day, you figure it out, and then you’re like, “Damn, I wish I could go back and reshoot those things.” We don’t have that. We just do it. And over the years, we have put these uniforms on a fair bit at events. We’ve worn the uniforms here and there, at parties and whatever. So we’re kind of used to them. But it’s nice, because the audience already knows us as this.


Image via Fox Searchlight

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