Jay Hernandez and Columbus Short Exclusive Video Interview – QUARANTINE

     October 11, 2008

Since almost every journalist seems to ask the same questions when doing a TV interview, I’ve decided to start to mix it up a bit when I can. Therefore, instead of asking what it was like to work with a certain co-star, or what it was like to do whatever they did, when I can work in a funny question or two…I’m going to.

Like when I interviewed Jay Hernandez and Columbus Short for their new movie “Quarantine.” In the film, they play a firefighter and a police officer that attempt to figure out what’s going wrong in a building that’s been quarantined by the CDC….Here’s more info on “Quarantine” and some movie clips.

Anyhow, back to the funny question….

If any of you have been watching this season of “Entourage,” the main plot line has been Vinnie Chase’s character trying to land a part in a firefighter movie called “Smoke Jumpers.” So…since Jay and Columbus play similar characters in “Quarantine,” I decided to ask if their work in this film might help them land a part in “Smoke Jumpers.” Thankfully, they played along. Of course after joking around, we discussed the making of “Quarantine” and a lot more.

Jay Hernandez and Columbus Short

  • I ask about working with Vincent Chase on Smoke Jumpers
  • Since they shot the film in order, I ask what was that like and is it better as an actor to work like that
  • They shot very long takes – like 5 minute takes – they talk about how they’d rehearse all day and only get the first shot at 4 or 5 in the afternoon
  • What did they bring of themselves into their characters – Columbus tells a good story

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