Jaz Sinclair Discusses Femme Fatales and Character Motivation in ‘When the Bough Breaks’

     September 9, 2016


Ever since Glenn Close boiled a rabbit in vengeance, the ‘other woman’ has gotten a bad rap – often portrayed as crazy, tempestuous, lascivious or just downright evil. There’s an aura of misogyny surrounding the archetype – as if a woman is just one spurned lover away from losing their mind and destroying everything in their path. Which is why it’s interesting in talking with up-and-comer Jaz Sinclair (the ‘other woman’ of When the Bough Breaks), how quickly she justifies her character’s actions from a rational and surprisingly benevolent place. It would be easy to portray Anna, the surrogate who holds a well-to-do couple’s unborn baby hostage, as unrepentantly evil and malicious; but Sinclair approached the character from the opposite perspective – a woman who wants to do right and help this couple but loses her way in the process. It’s a progressive take on what may be a rather worn-out character type.

In the following interview with Sinclair, she discusses her character’s motivations, how her approach changed over the course of production and her favorite femme fatales.

Jaz Sinclair:

  • Jaz Sinclair on her favorite femme fatales
  • On finding the motivations for her enigmatic character — Anna
  • On how Anna and her approach to the character changed during production on When the Bough Breaks
  • On her research process for the role


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