Jeananne Goossen Talks Krista and Kenny on the Set of THE NIGHT SHIFT Season 2

     March 23, 2015


Romance certainly wasn’t in the cards for Krista (Jeananne Goossen) in season 1 of The Night Shift. At the beginning of the show she was crushing hard on Drew (Brendan Fehr), but clearly that was never going to work out and then in episode 6, “Coming Home,” she hit it off with an army private (Devon Graye) only to see him succumb to a disease he picked up in Afghanistan. However, things are looking up for her in season 2. Not only is she in a full-blown relationship with Kenny (JR Lemon), but she also strikes up a connection with newcomer Dr. Chavez (Adam Rodriguez), too.

While down in Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting the set of The Night Shift I got the opportunity to talk to Goossen about what went down between seasons, what it’s like working with Lemon and Rodriguez, incorporating her own athleticism into the show and more. You can hear about all of that and check out Goossen’s basketball skills in the video interview below.

the-night-shift-jeananne-goossenJeananne Goossen:

  • 00:00 – When she found out they got the go-ahead for season 2.
  • 01:02 – Balancing comedy and drama; being able to tell that the cast is so close while watching the show.
  • 01:33 – On season 1, episode 6; being able to watch an episode and be in the story rather than criticizing her performance.
  • 02:00 – Why she won’t watch the episodes until they air.
  • 02:47 – What happened to Krista between season 1 and season 2; developing Krista and Kenny’s relationship with JR Lemon.
  • 04:10 – Working with Adam Rodriguez; Dr. Chavez as Krista’s mentor.
  • 05:17 – On Rodriguez post-Magic Mike diet.
  • 06:12 – Is Krista still into MMA this season; Goossen as an athlete in real life.
  • 06:58 – Will Krista go out of the hospital and into the field at all?
  • 07:26 – How going from 8 to 14 episodes changes things for her character.
  • 07:47 – Krista’s big basketball scene in season 2.
  • 08:27 – Goossen shows off her basketball skills.