Writer Jeph Loeb Named Head of New Division, Marvel Television

     June 28, 2010

Marvel is taking steps in retaining and overseeing complete creative control over its characters and Jeph Loeb is reaping the benefits. Today, Heat Vision is reporting that Marvel has chosen the multiple Eisner-award winning writer to be the head of its newly created television division – known as, you guessed it, Marvel Television. According to the report, Loeb (who is best known by comic enthusiasts for his work on DC Comics titles such as Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman/The Spirit, Batman: Hush, and Superman for All Seasons) will apparently “oversee the translation of Marvel’s popular characters and stories to the television medium, in both live-action and animated formats.”

While his trophy room may be largely decorated with comic-related awards, Loeb is certainly no stranger to television either. Hit the jump for a look at some of his television endeavors as well as some of his previous work with Marvel characters.

In addition to his highly successful career in comics, Loeb is also credited as a producer/writer on television series’ such as Lost and Smallville. In addition, he acted as an executive producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series and was co-executive producer on NBC’s Heroes (in spite of how you may feel about it now, you know you loved the first season). [Matt’s personal note: Only in how hilariously awful it was]

If you are interested in checking out his work with Marvel characters, I recommend you check out Loeb’s Daredevil: Yellow and Spiderman: Blue (both six issue runs featuring the always superb art of Tim Sale). In short, based upon his award-winning and multi-platform experience working with superheroes, Loeb seems like a solid choice for Marvel and its new television endeavor. Here’s to hoping that, under his guidance, they can return to the greatness that was the mid-90s Spider-Man animated series – a show which my DVR is currently set to record at any and all times.