Jeffrey Dean Morgan Exclusive Video Interview – SCREAM AWARDS

     October 20, 2008

On Saturday night I attended the Scream Awards and managed to interview a bunch of people on the red carpet. The one you’re about to watch is with Jeffrey Dean Morgan…otherwise known as The Comedian.

While you’d think the actors and people involved in making a movie would be light years ahead of the press and a certain test screening audience in Portland…Jeffrey told me the only Watchmen footage he’s seen is what he saw at Comic-Con. He also said he reads the internet to hear about what we’ve been shown and what we think.

As I told him on camera, he’s got nothing to worry about, as the 25 minutes I saw were awesome.

Anyway, here’s what Jeffrey had to say….

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

· I ask about the test screening in Portland

· What’s his take on the movie…he also explains how he hasn’t seen that much footage

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