April 21, 2010

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As most of you know, I’m a big fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to interview the actor on a number of different occasions.  From the red carpet of the Watchmen premiere, to this year’s WonderCon, to an extended interview on the set of The Losers and Watchmen, and even a roundtable interview for P.S. I Love You.   The past few years have seen Morgan talk with us a lot.  Normally, talking with the same actor so many times might be an issue, but never with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  He’s always incredibly nice and giving with his time.

Anyway, last week I got to sit down with Morgan for an extended video interview.  We talked about making The Losers, I asked some reader submitted Twitter questions, what’s his thoughts on Supernatural and would he go back, and we talked future projects like Red Dawn, The Fields, Heart Shaped Box (which Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman are developing) and Unblinking Eye.  If you’re a fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you’ll love the interview.  Hit the jump to check it out:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan image.jpgFinally, you can watch some clips from The Losers by clicking here.  It’s a very fun movie that I recommend.  As always, I’ve listed what we talked about by time index so you can watch what parts you want.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • When he is making a movie, does he know it’ll be good when he’s making it
  • 1:55 – He has a great action scene with Zoe Saldana. How long did it take to film.  Explains the ending of the scene they had one chance to get it right as the hotel room was literally burning down
  • 4:00 – Twitter questions…I ask Morgan about his tattoos
  • 4:45 – Where did his obsession with his Harley bikes come from
  • 6:25 – Is he allowed to ride when he is filming
  • 7:10 – What does he think of Supernatural and does he want to go back
  • 8:30 – Red Dawn talk – what was the experience like and will he be able to go to China in the future…
  • 10:05 – The Fields talk – what is it about and who is in it – It’s him and Sam Worthington and they play two cops who are investigating a serial killer.  Filming in New Orleans this summer from May 3rd till the end of June.  Explains the amount of research he’s been doing. Sounds intense. Michael Mann’s daughter (Ami Canaan Mann) is directing it.  ]13:10 – 13:10 – What is he going to do after The Fields.  Says Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman are developing Heart Shaped Box and he wants to do the project “very badly.”  Says they are trying to get the script “in order.”  Stephen King’s son (Joe Hill) wrote it and he calls it an “amazing book.”  Says if “we can get that together and shoot that later on in the year it would be fantastic.”
  • 13:50 – Says he has another project called Unblinking Eye in development.

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