Jemaine Clement Finds Himself in a PREDICAMENT

     January 7, 2010

predicament_set_photo_jemaine_clement_01.jpgFans of music comedy Flight of the Conchords rejoice, because while you won’t be seeing the duo from New Zealand in their retired hit show, you will find Jemaine Clement on the silver screen. In fact, you might have already caught Clement in the recently released Gentlemen Broncos. Now, according to Quiet Earth, Clement will star in the upcoming Jason Stutter crime comedy Predicament, based on the late Ronald Hugh Morrieson novel.  Here’s the logline for the film: A crime comedy set in 1930s New Zealand in which a naive teenager conspires with two misfits to photograph and blackmail wealthy, adulterous couples.

Anyone that has seen Clement star in Flight of the Conchords knows that his serious-faced hilarity should make this a film to watch for. The storyline itself sounds interesting enough and one can only hope that Stutter will let Clement improvise his scenes. Perhaps Clement will even have a chance to break out a guitar and make you shake your booties, ya!  In addition to Clement, Predicament will star Rose McIvre, Peter Mochrie, Brook Williams, Edward Newborn, Chad Mills, Hadleigh Walker, Tina Grenville-Cagwin, and Carmel McGlone.

The film just wrapped in Morrieson’s home region of Taranaki, New Zealand and marks his fourth and final novel to be made into a film.

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