‘Doctor Who’: Jenna Coleman Teases Her Chances of Returning to the Show

     July 28, 2016

doctor-who-jenna-coleman-interviewFor some, the sting of Jenna Coleman’s departure from the long-running Doctor Who series is still fresh. Having starred as a number of characters on the series, but most notably as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, Coleman left the show at the end of Series 9 in order to star as Queen Victoria in ITV’s production, Victoria.

It was for that very show that our own Christina Radish was able to talk to Coleman in a 1-on-1 interview during the PBS portion of the ongoing TCAs; be sure to check back for the full interview. Coleman will star in the royal role as the show depicts Victoria’s ascension to the throne at only 18, following her life through her courtship and eventual marriage to Prince Albert. But, of course, Christina was able to sneak a couple of Doctor Who questions in as well. Read below to find out if there’s any chance of Coleman returning to the series, and what she took away from her experience on Steven Moffat’s spectacular.


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Collider:  Peter Capaldi recently sparked wild speculation that you’d be returning to Doctor Who, in some capacity, when he teased that maybe we haven’t seen the last of Clara.

JENNA COLEMAN:  Yeah, I know!

Is there any chance that we might see Clara again? Is that something you’d even be game to do, or do you want to leave her right where you left her?

COLEMAN:  We had the exit in the works for so long. Who knows, in the future. But I think, at least for a good while, Clara is probably broken down somewhere in time and space, trying to understand how to work a TARDIS with Ashildr/Maisie [Williams]. You don’t want to unpick it, in any way. Steven [Moffat] spoke about the exit for so long, and I think he did such a great job. From “Face the Raven” to the finale of twists and turns, I couldn’t really ask for anything more. It’s been an incredible three series. That was that unique time in my life, and that was amazing.

You were one of the longest running Companions on Doctor Who. What does your time on that show mean to you? How did your experience there help you grow, as an actor?

COLEMAN:  It’s such a different way of working. It’s such a unique show and a unique beast, in itself. Every two weeks is so, so different, and you’re playing that story with an over-arching character. It really is the relationships with Matt [Smith] and Peter [Capaldi] that made that job everything that is it, and what they taught me as actors. They’re so uniquely wonderful. They’re really amazing friends. I think I was lucky to have fallen into the hands of both of them, and they’re really good friends today. Today being six months later.



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