Jennifer Aniston Reuniting with Courteney Cox as a Guest Star on COUGAR TOWN

     August 23, 2010


Today, via press release, ABC announced a bit of a Friends reunion with Jennifer Aniston making a guest star appearance on Courteney Cox’s comedy series Cougar Town. If this situation seems familiar, it’s because these two Friends stars also appeared together in Cox’s other short lived FX series Dirt.

Though the press release didn’t include details on Aniston’s stint on the show, EW has come through with some information from executive producer Bill Lawrence.  Lawrence says, “She’s going to play [Courteney Cox’s character’s] shrink named Bonnie. Kind of a get-too-involved-in-her-life-type of therapist. Those guys are so close in real life they kind of do that for each other anyway. Bonnie has the life Jules [Cox] wishes she has.” Apparently Cox wanted to make sure the show found its feet before asking Aniston to guest star on the show. The idea is for Aniston’s character to be a therapist that Cox’s character has been seeing for awhile, so there’s definitely an opportunity for more guest appearances down the road.