Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Talks Love, X-Men, and the Illuminati While Hooked to a Lie Detector

     March 2, 2018


You can currently watch Jennifer Lawrence tearing it up on screen as a master of espionage and deceit in Francis Lawrence‘s brutal spy thriller Red Sparrow, but how well does the Oscar-winning actress hold up when it comes to keeping her own secrets? Pretty well, it turns out, because as you may have noticed by now, Lawrence is kind of an open book.

You may ask yourself, “Why on Earth would a super famous, A-list actress subject herself to a lie detector test on camera?” Valid question, and one I imagine she asked herself no less than 3,427 times throughout the course of filming this video (don’t worry, girl, you’re hair did look fabulous that night and we all think everyone hates us because of the internet), but the results are pretty great and typical to the quality that has made Lawrence such an impressive bonafide movie star in an age where movie stars aren’t much of a thing anymore — she’s no bullshit. Whether she’s sharing tales of friendship with Emma Stone, getting blasted on-air with Stephen Colbert, or admitting she just wasn’t here for Phantom Thread, Lawrence keeps it on the level. Or maybe she just lies through this whole video, she is a phenomenal actress, after all. Either way, it’s good entertainment.

Watch Lawrence talk about love, deny being a member of the Illuminati, try to remember the name of five X-Men, answer the Trolley Dilemma without blinking (definitely not a Chidi), and a whole lot more in the video below.


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