Jeremy Garelick to Direct AN EX TO GRIND and HASSLE MAN

     August 18, 2010


After making his name as a screenwriter on The Break-Up and The Hangover, Jeremy Garelick is now busy setting up a slew of directorial projects.  Garelick already has a Baywatch adaptation and something called The Insane Laws in the works, and now he’s added two more: An Ex to Grind and Hassle Man.

Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro are the stars at the center of An Ex to Grind, an adaptation of the Jane Heller novel.  The plot centers around the now-successful wife (Diaz) of a former star athlete (Del Toro) as she devises a scheme to divorce him without paying alimony.  Hit the jump for further details about Hassle Man.

According to Deadline, Garelick gained favor with the Universal studio heads behind Hassle Man with a short film based on a six minute scene from his script The Pretender.  Garelick recruited Craig Robinson, Ken Jeong, Paula Patton, and Jonathan Goldsmith to star in the $25,000 short.  It was apparently enough to convince the studio that he was the man for the job, as they soon gave him the director’s chair on Hassle Man.  Garelick says the tagline for the film is, “When you can’t hire a hit man, hire a hassle man.”  Without any more plot details, that doesn’t help my understanding at all, but you may be cleverer than I.

By the way, The Pretender is another project that Garelick would like to direct.  That makes five in the pipeline before he’s helmed a single film.  Dude must be either very talented, or very persuasive.


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