Jeremy Renner to Produce and Star in SLINGSHOT

     June 11, 2011


Jeremy Renner recently formed the production company The Combine with Don Handfield.  Renner and Handfield announced their first project, a Steve McQueen biopic, in April.  Variety reports The Combine’s second project, Slingshot, will likewise center on a real-life figure.  Bill Caswell bought a BMW for $500 on Craigslist, then rebuilt it to compete against professionals in the World Rally Championships — Caswell’s team finished third in their class.

Renner is committed to star as Caswell; Handfield will write the screenplay.  No director is mentioned, though Handfield is in post-production on his feature directorial debut, the sports drama Touchback, so you have to imagine he’s under consideration.  Hit the jump for a recap of Renner’s busy slate.

Let’s do this with bullets:

Plenty to do, but Caswell’s story is the kind you make time for.  After he finished the race, Caswell shared this endearing anecdote in an e-mail to a friend:

I signed autographs for three hours straight on Sunday alone. He thinks it might be close to 1500 or 2000 autographs and maybe 1000-1500 pictures. A couple hundred people were screaming “Caswell! Caswell!” at one point. But I guess the fact that Ken Block and I are the only Americans that came down makes me legit or something? We finished third in class. Don’t know how I got here. Nuts.

For more on Caswell, check out this informative feature at Jalopnik.


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