‘Jessica Jones’: New Trailer Teases Marvel Hero’s Links to Luke Cage, Kilgrave

     November 10, 2015


We’re just about 10 days out from the premiere of Netflix’s latest Marvel adaptation, Jessica Jones, which stars Breaking Bad breakout Krysten Ritter as the titular (ex-) superhero with tremendous strength and durability. As early reports of the show’s pilots have teased, the show is possibly the darkest take on a Marvel property to date, with only Netflix’s excellent Daredevil series even being worthy of such descriptions. As the latest trailer for the series, which you can take a look at below, suggests, the fight between Jessica Jones and her nemesis, Kilgrave, played by former Doctor Who star David Tennant, is symbolic of the battle between the physical and the mental, an idea that is rooted in the horror genre as much as action series. And the new trailer makes the face-off look exhilarating and emotionally lacerating in ways that no other Marvel production has even hinted at.

Check out the new Jessica Jones trailer below:

As you can see, the trailer also makes the increasingly romantic and sexual attraction between Jones and bartender and soon-to-be superhero Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, a lot more clear. The series is clearly fascinated by hard living people, scarred people, and the former relationship between Jones and Kilgrave, which the trailers have kept relatively vague, certainly plays a part in Jones’ alcoholism, sardonic sensibility, and general aversion to emotional attachment. It also explains why she’s seemingly constantly spoiling for a fight, and the more physical scenes look on par with the tremendous hand-to-hand combat scenes that peppered Daredevil.


Image via Netflix

Still, where the former Netflix series, which will see its second season debut next year, was essentially an origins story, Jessica Jones is more of a story about getting back up from the proverbial mat. Ritter’s character is trying to get over a dark past whereas the red-suited ass-kicker is just now finding himself submerged in that same darkness, trying to reconcile his sense of justice with the evils of the world. From the looks of it, Jones knows those evils, and must find a way to stand back up to them after a severe encounter that will be revealed come November 20th, when the show hits Netflix in full.

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Image via Netflix