‘Jessica Jones’: All the Season 2 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

     March 13, 2018


Spoilers ahead for folks who haven’t caught up with Season 2 of Jessica Jones.

Now that you’ve had a chance to get caught up on Jessica Jones, we wanted to point your attention to all those clever little Marvel Comics Easter eggs that popped up along the way. There’s a lot to love in Season 2 of, arguably, Marvel’s best Netflix series, but there’s also a lot that could be easily missed without a handy guide through the insane history of Marvel Comics and some of their most colorful characters.

Some of these Easter eggs will be focused on the main characters played by Krysten RitterRachael Taylor, and Season 2 newcomer Janet McTeer, but there are quite a few that exist in the periphery of Jessica Jones. Some of them dig deep into obscure Marvel Comics history–while we dig a little deeper still with out own speculation as to what their arrival on the show might mean for its future–and some even pay homage to classic examples of film noir and contemporary artists. Oh, and of course, you’ll see exactly where Stan Lee‘s cameo is, if you missed it.


Image via Netflix

A note on Easter eggs: In our opinion, things like Foggy Nelson and Turk returning, namedropping the Rand Corporation, Trish’s past as Patsy Walker coming back to haunt her, and even Kaxton Industries aren’t Easter eggs, they’re plot points done in service of the telling the story and connecting the larger Marvel TV-verse. We might stretch this rule a little bit to talk about things like Captain America’s shield or the slow-going transformation from Trish Walker into Hellcat, but the majority of the following bits of trivia are meant to educate viewers who might not have had the Marvel Comics background knowledge to connect the Jessica Jones reference to its comics counterpart. The writers have done a solid job of not just delivering a fantastic superhero drama this season, but also providing fans with fun nods and references to Marvel lore along the way; let’s get into it!