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     June 10, 2008

Written by Cal Kemp

I almost missed the scoop, delivered by the official Prisoner fan club Six of One by way of Ain’t it Cool News that seems to say that Ian McKellen and James Caviezel have signed on for the 2009 remake of the single-greatest television series of all time, “The Prisoner”.

The original saw Patrick McGoohan as the enigmatic Number Six; a man of some importance who, having just resigned his post, awakens to find himself in a place known only as the Village where there are no names, only numbers. He’s matches wits with the ever-changing Number Two who seeks to learn the reason for his resignation while Six himself tries to uncover the identity of Number One and escape the Village.

I hold the original series in such unbelievably high regard that a remake fills me with both excitement and dread. Here’s hoping they can pull a “Doctor Who” and capture the spirit of the original in a thoughtful and creative way.

I’ve no qualms with the casting of McKellen who I’m sure can pull off the new Number Two brilliantly (though wouldn’t it be amazing if McGoohan returned in the reverse role instead?) I’m less sold on Caviezel who I’m not sure comes close to McGoohan’s simple, British badassery. But then again, who does?

If this news pans out, filming is said to begin in August with six one-hour episodes. By hook or by crook, we should have more information soon.

Click here for Ain’t It Cool News’ article and here for a direct link to the Six of One Society.

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