‘The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania’: It’s a Fight for the Future in This Fun Mash-Up

     March 13, 2017


If you’ve been longing for a new project featuring Hanna-Barbera’s most famous future family The Jetsons, you’re in luck! For the first time in nearly 30 years, George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Astro, and Rosie are back in animated action alongside some unexpected allies. The all-new original movie The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania mashes up the wrestling superstars you’ve come to know and love with the futuristic family you grew up with, and it does so with a premise that’s as silly as its title sounds while bringing out the best aspects of both fandoms.

Hailing from WWE Studios and Warner Bros. Animation, director Anthony Bell brings Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas zany, over-the-top, time-traveling script to life in this family-friendly outing that finds George Jetson and his family fighting for the future against the Big Show. Aiding him in this championship match to end all championship matches are WWE superstars Roman ReignsSeth RollinsAlicia FoxThe UsosSheamusVince McMahon, and more. It’s wacky, it’s action-packed, and it’s a prime time mash-up for fans of the WWE and The Jetsons alike.

Before we get into the DVD review, check out our exclusive supercut teasing the upcoming movie, available tomorrow!

Now, with the WWE superstars stuck in our current time period and The Jetsons existing about 100 years in the future, you might be wondering how these two groups meet up.  Thanks to the Big Show’s hunger for the championship belt and his tenacity in the face of a brutal winter storm, he ends up frozen for 100 years, a la Encino Man. And who should find him in the future but George Jetson himself! What starts out as a silly fish-out-of-water sequence (there are some delightful moments in which the Big Show is confused and frustrated by future technology) soon turns darker as the powerful wrestler sets his sights on taking over Orbit City with the help of the World (W)robot Entertainment’s fighting bots! The only way the Jetsons can save their future is by traveling into the past to enlist the help of our modern WWE superstars, who trip through time to battle their robot counterparts and take down the Big Show himself!


Image via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

As expected, this premise is very silly, but the humor keeps in line with that of the classic Jetsons cartoon while also allowing for plenty of in-jokes for WWE fans. There’s a fun balance here since both the WWE superstars and the Jetsons themselves experience difficulties when traveling outside their normal timelines, which provides plenty of opportunities for funny moments. The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania clips along at a decent pace for its 81 minute runtime which allows all of the characters to get their personalities across on screen. And though it’s a family-friendly movie that ends with a well-rounded message of good sportsmanship to kids watching out there, it does have enough of an edge to it at times to keep it from turning into an outright public service announcement.

The WWE superstars bring their signature style to their characters, even if some of the voice acting is a little stilted at times. Jeff Bergman pulls double duty as both George Jetson and Mr. Spacely, with Grey DeLisle as Jane his wife, Trevor Devall as his boy Elroy, and Danica McKellar as daughter Judy, with the inimitable Frank Welker as Astro, and they all do a wonderful job at bringing the classic characters back to life after an extended hiatus. The real standout here, however, is voice-acting veteran Tress MacNeille, who absolutely crushes it as Rosie the Robot. She’s got the absolute best one-liners and some of the funniest moments in a very silly and light-hearted movie.


Image via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Sure, there’s some shameless promotion to be found throughout, but that’s no different than your run-of-the-mill Saturday morning cartoon masquerading as a toy commercial. But The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania is far from a quick cash grab; there are earnest efforts to honor both the legacy of The Jetsons and the fandom of the WWE on display here. It’s a fun mash-up of both that brings the superstars of the squared circle together with the most famous future family ever in unexpected and hilarious ways that everyone can enjoy.

Rating: B

Bonus Features: 

  • Welcome to Orbit City – Behind-the-scenes featurette with the voice-acting cast who talk about their favorite gadgets in the future of The Jetsons.
  • The Dangers of Button-Pushing – Behind-the-scenes voice-acting cast talk about the convenience (and danger) of the future’s on-demand technology and encourage kids to eat right and exercise.
  • The Jetsons: My Favorite Memories of the Future – The WWE superstars reflect on the history of The Jetsons and joining the Jetsons family.
  • 3 Bonus Cartoons – “Rosie the Robot”, “Jetson’s Nite Out”, “The Coming of Astro”


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