Jim Carrey Finds Another Prison Lover

     May 1, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

The dark comedy “I Love You, Phillip Morris” already has a lot going for it. It is written and directed by the team of Glen Ficarra and John Requa, the same guys who brought us the holy grail of dark comedy films “Bad Santa.” Luc Besson is executive producing the film which is based on a very strange true life story of jailhouse romance and prison breaks – what’s not to like?

Jim Carrey stars as Steven Russell, a married Texan who is sent to prison and winds up falling in love with his cellmate Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). Russell’s passions lead him to make four prison breaks – and a lucrative film deal, I’m guessing. Leslie Mann (you know – Judd Apatow’s lady) plays Carrey’s wife in the film and now Rodrigo Santoro has signed to play Carrey’s “lover.”

Santoro is best known for playing the God King Xerxes in “300” – the film with absolutely no homoerotic subtext to it – not a bit. So, just how many lovers is Jim Carrey supposed to have in this movie? We know he is in love with Phillip Morris, we know he is married to Leslie Mann, where exactly does Xerxes fit in? Will he be the rapist bully of the tier from whom Carrey must seek shelter in Ewan McGregor’s little arms? Or are his feelings for Morris not reciprocated and Santoro is the guy Carrey fools around with to try to make Morris jealous? I couldn’t say, but based on “Bad Santa” I’ll assume that there will be enough salad tossing to please everyone.

Wonder why no one ever gets freaky on “Prison Break” here.

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